Gold History
Gold History
Preservation & Education
Preservation & Education

About the NC Gold Foundation

Formed to promote, educate, preserve and celebrate the state's gold heritage, the North Carolina Gold Foundation is operated and managed by members of this 501(c)(3) organization.  As such, any donations made to the North Carolina Gold Foundation are tax deductible, following the U.S. Internal Revenue Service regulations including those outlined in Code Section 170.  

Gold Festival
This will be a festival designed to educate, promote, and highlight the gold and gem heritage of the region through entertainment, tours, and events during the spring. The festival  will serve as a promotional tool. The Festival will also help foster partnerships with local businesses, surrounding county businesses, and regional groups interested in promoting the captivating history of the area using the gold prospecting heritage as a catalyst.

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Gold History

Find out more about the history of gold mining in North Carolina

NC Gold Visitor Map

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